Monday, June 21, 2010

Adventure Anyone?

Since the release of War for Edath we have promised that you will be able to play the game not just as a wargame but as a game of adventure and also eventually as an RPG. The release of figatures (card miniatures) brings this reality one step closer. Figatures are used to represent your troops, champions and leaders on the battlefield. You'll also be able to get figature terrain so you can create battlefields like this -

However, these 'battlefields' also become an environment for you to adventure in.

So with the figatures and terrain maps the adventures can begin. What type of adventures?

Well, eventually any type of adventure you can think up. But to begin with, using only the cards from War for Edath (plus a few more) and with the figatures this is what you can expect.

Working Title – Edath Adventure Game
No. of players – 2 to 7
The Game -

Each player is a hero with or without a retinue of troops. Players form into 2 teams and play both for themselves (as heroes) as well as their team. If you've got troops then you'll play as a Unit.

Adventures can be played on their own or be joined together to create an ongoing story. The player's heroes are either affiliated to an Ang rebel band or to the Dzaa empire. The teams of players then play against each other for control of a region of Edath.

Initially, the adventures you can play will be along the lines of -

  • The teams race to reach an objective – i.e. to rescue someone or to destroy an enemy hold
  • One team is being chased by a larger force and has to make its escape
  • The teams are hunting for the same thing and the first to find it gets the prize
  • One team is caught behind enemy lines and has to run the gauntlet to get to safety
  • The teams face different enemies in skirmishes or combat

 (an early playtest)

In each adventure the player teams may directly face each others' heroes or one team may play the part of another foe – such as a band of Nuko. Played in the wilds of Edath, the players will have to overcome tough terrain, vicious beasts, bandits, dangerous warring factions (such as the Nuko, Chune and Suqoya), traps, poisonous plants, living terrain such as animated trees, the demonic faidrytch, the fickle vaechi and more as well as their opponent team!!

All adventures use the same core rules which are actually very simple. However, each type of adventure may have its own specific rules but these are very few and so once the core rules are known you can play any type of adventure after a quick scan over the specifics for that type of adventure.

Gameplay is fast paced and action packed with a swashbuckling feel. You have plenty of choices in any adventure and, oh yes, can acquire 'treasure' and experience along the way so expect to 'level up' your heroes and their troops.

(a recent playtest)

And this is where we want to hear from you.

Edath Adventure Game will be available as a boxed game and also as an expansion to War for Edath. So if you haven't got War for Edath you can buy the Edath Adventure Game and get all the cards in the War for Edath base set as well as everything else needed to play the adventures. But if you have War for Edath you can buy the Edath Adventure Game expansion which will give you the rules and everything else needed to play the adventures.

So is this something you want?

Does the Edath Adventure Game interest you? Should we release it? Soon? Or should we shelve it?

Let us know. Either do so by leaving a comment to this post, or complete our one click poll in this thread on our forum or send us an email. You can email us using


  1. I am very interested, yes I am indeed.

    Be sure to add the stuff to support more players, or at least a couple sets of Mastery Cards. I own only the base game and it would suck to have a 2-7 players game but not the cards to play it.

    And yes, I still have to buy the expansions.
    Why? Because I want to play the game some more and involve my friends in it so that the new cards will be surely used!

    Oh, war unleashed is magnificent, it amuses everyone whom I show it.

  2. By "amuses" I hope you mean "engrosses" as opposed to "crack up laughing"!!